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It鈥檚 a Wonderful Life! Creating the Perfect Environment for Your Horses
Posted On : Jan-22-2013 | seen (846) times | Article Word Count : 484 |

Owning horses can be a very rewarding experience. These gentle and loving animals can make wonderful companions and there is something very special about the bond between rider and horse. Owning horses can be a very rewarding experience. These gentle and loving animals can make wonderful companions and there is something very special about the bond between rider and horse. However you do need to make sure you invest in top equine health products like equine wormers.

These products will help you to support the health of your horses and keep them happy and well.

What are Worms?

There are a number of parasitic worms prevalent in the UK. Horses can be particularly vulnerable to parasitic worms as they are grazing animals. Parasitic worm eggs are expelled from infected hosts in droppings. Once on the ground they can be easily picked up by animals grazing on grass and hay. This means you will need to put in place a worming schedule to protect your horses.

Parasitic worms can seriously affect equine health and so you do need to be proactive in dealing with this common problem. The good news is that you can find a number of cheap horse wormers quickly and easily online. This is a good way to find savings on top brand products like Equest. These easy to use wormers have been fully tested to provide safe and effective worm treatment and prevention for horses.

Mucking Out

If you want to create the perfect environment for horses you will need to manage the stables and pastures effectively. This will help to reduce the risks of accident or injury and ensure that your horses are happy and healthy. Here are just a few tips for keeping environments clean and tidy:

鈥?Alongside the use of Equest wormer for horses you also need to invest in good pasture and stable cleaning practices.
鈥?It is important to reduce the chances of cross-infestation from horses already affected by worms.
鈥?This means mucking out stables and replacing bedding and feed regularly.
鈥?You will also need to keep manure levels in pastures down by picking up droppings on a regular basis.
鈥?Any droppings removed from stables and pastures should be kept well away from your horses living and feeding areas.
鈥?It is also a good idea to invest in raised feeders. This will help to reduce the chance of infestation by reducing the amount of time horses graze off the ground.
鈥?By investing in good pasture management practices you can boost the effectiveness of equine wormers and help to prevent re-infestation.
鈥?This can also reduce the amount of worming you have to carry out. Over-worming horses due to poor management can lead to parasites developing resistance to the products on the market.
鈥?This can be a big problem so you do need to understand how to avoid this when you use Equest worming products.

Invest in big brand name products online now and starting creating healthy environments for your horses.

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