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Portentous (Haiku) Poems

1) A Demon聮s 麓trick?p>

A demon will try

slipping you past death Ivan Provorov Jersey , just for

a moment, and then?p>

pour blood over your head; a

joke, before you go to heaven.

#1547 (1-30-2007)

2) Endless Lamentations

Moans never do end
Wearingly I go about
Like a nomad lost?p>

Things have changed in the world
But me, alas, I聮m still lost.


3) God聮s Hens

God, the hen keeper?
Cunning, obliged to keep us
Well fed and well dressed?

While man聮s naked soul plots
His demise, crucifixion.

#1644 (1-3031-2007)

4) Man聮s Angry Heart

Anger comes in many forms:
pain, pest Jakub Voracek Jersey , control, hurt?br> as it squeezes the heart聴dead!

#1645 (1-3031-2007)

5) Anger, Revenge and bricks

The best revenge is belittling it,
brick by brick, by brick?br> it frees the mind and soul.

#1646 (1-3031-2007)

Commentary on: Reading and Writing Poetry

To really get into a well written poem you need to:

1) read slowly, give it your attention, like you do when you eat dinner

2) read it slowly again, with an open mind

3) read it again, a third time Shayne Gostisbehere Jersey , normally this time, as you would read prose, it will now jump out at you

4) many poems are complex, and perhaps ambiguous, if they are too much for you, trash them (unless you want to suffer through them, then you are asking for pain, and may receive it, I thus Claude Giroux Jersey , refer you to my Anger and Revenge poem above)

5) Know the poet you are reading, his history will help you understand why he is writing as he is, his mind perhaps will come clearer to yours.

I can read Hemingway and Faulkner, and I understand why they write the way they do; actually one thinks they should be writing for everyone in the world, when in essence, everyone in the world needs to understand (if they want a clear picture of why they (the writers) are writing this and that; Faulkner wrote to be studied, and he knew it). If you know Faulkner聮s life, you will know his writings incorporate his historical family, he uses many of them for his characters; he uses the legends surrounding his home in Oxford Nolan Patrick Jersey , Mississippi (which dates perhaps to the very early 1800s), and is adding in gossip he聮s heard as he strolls down the streets.

Hemingway on the other hand, uses of course his trips, and so forth, and adds a little spice here and there (knowing life can be dull, so if he shot a rhino it was perhaps his guide who did the work), and uses so much dialogue, you may have to swim out of it to get your mind back to the first person of yourself, you end up living the life of the characters. But that is him. Poets are the same Wayne Simmonds Jersey , except you are reading fragments of a story, and sometimes it is very personal, and one can lose, get lost inside or outside the premise. Everyone knew Plath麓s life, and her husband of course was an established poet, thus, when she committed suicide, you were not shocked; if you read her depressive book 聯Arial,?which she wrote in a frenzy prior to her death Wholesale Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys , you know where her state of mind is聴you can almost predict when she will take her life. I you did not know her background; you聮d say most likely, 聯What is wrong with her.?So a better understanding of which you are reading and what can help you with the read. 6) Let go of all your preconceptions as you read聴enjoy the experience. I enjoy reading Mary Renault, even though she was homosexual, and I am not, but she cannot be outdone in her Greek writings, or has not yet been, she was good, her information astounded the publishers, where did she get such insight. If they knew her life Cheap Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys , they聮d know, she got her information off ancient vases in museums, the figures told more than the history books.

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